Andrew's Story


I’ll never forget the fun times as a kid.
I’ll never forget all the laughs as a teenager.
I’ll never forget the night you said your last words to me.
I’ll never forget when I heard the news that you lost your internal battle with depression.
I wish that everyone battling depression could understand that they have the greatest gift of all: their own voice. I know my first friend, Andrew Skovensky, would have loved to have used his voice to inspire people dealing with depression.

People condition themselves to deal with inner demons alone. The world can become dark when we stop communicating our feelings. You are not alone. This is what Andrews door is all about.



Johnny Bortoli 5/22/79-8/6/02

As a child, Johnny was a very sweet, sensitive, shy boy. He was very gifted and was tested with an IQ of 160.  Johnny’s addiction began when he was 17 years old when Dr. Acosta, a neurologist, prescribed 500 (pills) scheduled, addictive substances per month for nine months to treat back pain and anxiety. Oxycontin, Xanax, muscle relaxant and Ritalin, classes of substances that should never be prescribed together can suppress your breathing. Be your own advocate and get a second opinion before taking any addictive substance, even if prescribed by a doctor.  Johnny was 23 years old when he overdosed on half a stamp bag of heroin in a Starbucks bathroom near Pittsburgh. The coroner said half of that stamp bag was 1000 times stronger than any previous substance he had ever taken.





Joseph Bortoli 11/24/85-8/8/04

Joseph, my youngest son was a fun loving, very outgoing, and confident and very athletic individual. He was 6’4” tall and focused on basketball all throughout high school. Joe had a great personality, many friends, and girlfriends and always fit in well with both young and old, in any situation.  Joseph began experimenting with drugs after Johnny died. You can overdose and die even if you aren’t addicted. You never know what exact condition your body is in at the time you take any drug, as Joseph didn’t know. He had pneumonia and didn’t know that taking a methadone pill would take his life.  Joseph died two weeks before his 19th birthday.


I am a mother with no children. Johnny and Joseph never thought half a bag of heroin or a methadone pill would take their lives, but it did.
— Mrs. Bortoli, Johnny & Joseph's Mother