Upcoming Events

No upcoming events, stay tuned for future events!

Past Events

1/17/17: Bridge to Life - Watch Here

4/17/17: Johnstown High School, Classroom Speech
Thomas Smith, Vice Principal

5/10/17: Johnstown High School - Watch Here
Thomas Smith, Vice Principal

5/20/17: "Take Back Our Town" Event - Watch Here

5/21/17: First Presbyterian Church

9/19/17: Somerset Area Jr/Sr High School
Tom Minnick, Principal, tminni@sasd.us

9/20/17: First Presbyterian Church - Read the Article

10/18/17: Divine Mercy Catholic Academy
Thomas Smith, Vice Principal, smith.thomas@divinemercy.academy

10/24/17: Bishop McCort High School - Watch Here

10/25/17: Westmont Hilltop High School
Beth Stem, Guidance Counselor, mbs@whsd.org

10/31/17: Governor Mifflin Middle School
Jennifer Wallace-Merkel, Guidance Counselor, jennifer.merkel@gmsd.org

“What am I going to do tomorrow to make myself better?”
— Frank Cascino